Callisto at Circuit Makati

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Callisto at Circuit Makati masterfully merges the distinctive lifestyles found within the town, serving a large demographic whereas providing a novel viewpoint reception, at work, and elsewhere. the event ingeniously assimilates with the community whereas keeping a distince position from it. Here, house is wherever prospects are.

Callisto is a two-tower condominium to be designed right across the sprawling retail strip of Circuit Lane. it'll have its 1st tower rise 38 stories high with its own retail part on the lower ground floor and higher ground floor.

Callisto can dissent in options from the two-tower residential condominium solstice wherever it will rise beside. Alveo Land project, sales and selling cluster head Rufino S. Gutierrez known the unit mix because the main distinction between the 2 developments.

Investor Suites

Callisto offers investor Suites, every composed of 2 inner units (a two-bedroom unit and a studio) separated by a hall. These units provide investors a lot of flexibility, as they will lease out one unit and personally use the opposite, or lease out each inner units, betting on their desires. It should be noted that an capitalist Suite is roofed solely by one Condominium Certificate of Title. Alveo 1st introduced this special kind of units within the sandstone at porch.

Callisto and solstice charm to totally different market profiles. With Callisto centered on smaller units, it should charm a lot of toward younger professionals who shoot for to possess a first-mover advantage inside Makati's latest life style destination, moreover as early nesters trying to find their 1st homes within the city.

The ninth floor pleasantness Zone offers a 25-meter lap pool, 3 lounge pools, a kiddie pool, a recreation room, indoor gym, library, operate space, board room, play area, lounge and a field space.
Callisto conjointly offers new amenities together with a recreation room and a library, that cosmic time doesn't provide.

Special-sized residential units also will be settled on the ninth floor.

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  1. I like the amenities of this condo development. Amenities are what made me engaged in buying a condominium, just like those at Suntrust Davao Condominium.

  2. Love this condo, full of nice amenities like my friend's condo in Avida Towers Cebu. Thanks for the info!